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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Celebration On The Road

You're in a new town, no friends or family near; your stove in the camper still isn't working, all the bakeries near and far are either booked up or have never heard of the kids cartoon PJ Masks. You have two days to plan and execute a birthday that will not just excite a little boy but make him feel loved as well. What do you do?!

I had no idea where we would be for my youngest son's birthday which made it hard to plan for. When you're tramping (IBEW term), going from job to job you only know a day or two before you leave where you'll be going. Once you get there you still have to sign the books and wait for a call saying you've got the job unless it's a walk-thru job in which case you automatically get it. It's one of the hardest parts about tramping as a family. It requires a lot of faith, trust in God and each other.

My husband landed a job in Gainesville, Georgia working at Lanier Technical College so as a family we found a R.V campground in Dahlonega, Georgia in which we stayed at. The Etowah River Campground provided the perfect outdoor setting for my son's 4th birthday.

My sons picked these flowers for me so we decorated the picnic table with them.
 My son Wyatt wanted a PJ Masks birthday and when this Mama plans a birthday I go all out and make sure there are games, prizes and food and that they all match the theme of the party. I'm all about themes and making sure things aren't just thrown together but are coherent. Unfortunately with no family and friends near it didn't make much sense in planning this type of party.

This Mama had to improvise. On my sons birthday we had to take Daddy to work at 5am in the morning so we could keep the car that day. So kids were loaded up still in their PJ's and off we went to drop Daddy off. Once we dropped my husband off at work we headed to Dunkin Donuts for some Turkey Sausage & Egg Muffins (Highly recommend!! Soooo good!) for some much needed breakfast. Afterwards the kids and I found a Walmart to do some birthday shopping in (I brought a change of clothes for my kids so they changed out of PJ's before we headed into the store). While my oldest distracted his brother (birthday boy) Mama loaded up our cart with PJ Mask decorations and gifts. We ended up buying him the Bean Bag Toss Game which also had a Tic Tac Toe side as we thought this would be a great camping activity for the family. This big box allowed me to hide all the other gifts underneath so the birthday boy wouldn't see.

The tree on our campsite provided the perfect place to hang these PJ Masks decorations.
 After our birthday shopping we headed back to our campsite which was almost an hour away as I had to use the bathroom. It's hard to use the restroom when you're out in public with 3 kids who like to open the door on you and 2 of them take off and yell behind them,"I'm a big boy Mom, no one will take me!" ARGH! Anyone else relate to this?  I chose to wait until I got back to the campground. Once we arrived all my kids were sleeping! This Mama took advantage and rushed all the gifts in and started decorating while the birthday boy slept. William my oldest woke up and helped me blow up balloons and wrap the gifts. While at Walmart I found a package of Spray Chalk that I thought would be great to write a birthday message on the lawn on our campsite as it washes away with water.

I thought one package of this stuff would be enough as it came with 5 bottles but as you can clearly see above it was not. I had to shorten the birthday message. I wish I would have gotten two packages versus the one but hindsight is 20/20. You can check them out here at https://www.walmart.com/ip/Spray-Chalk/617645212 . However, 1 bottle did 2 1/2 letters so plan accordingly.

Decorations completed and gifts wrapped William and I loaded back up into the car and headed out to Wyatt's surprise place of fun.  After much Googling I found Everland Play in Buford, Georgia - http://www.everlandplay.com/  . It was an indoor playground for kids which offered unlimited play for $4.50 (ages 2 & under) & $7.50 (ages 3 & over) and adults are free. 

My daughter checking out the toddler area.
They give kids 3 and over a wrist brand as well as the Mama so they know which kids go with which Parents and kids 2 & under get a sticker tag on their back so they cannot remove it. Shoes come off before entering and then the fun begins.

The toddler area was nice although some of the toys were well used and loved. My daughter especially loved the ball pit.

Enjoying the ball pit and learning the color pink.

The above video shows the dance area they have for kids. Personally I thought the dance area was the best part of this place as it gave me a chance to see my kids dance and show me their moves. Soooo loved watching them get down and boogie.

Everland Play has an area of hand puppets, stacking blocks and a kitchen area in which the kids enjoyed for about 15 minutes before moving on.

Working the grill.

Trying to cook a cucumber in the mircowave.😁
You'll find inflatables there some in which were in need of repair but were still functoning as well as a jumping pillow which my kids loved. This place also has slides, stairs and hosts some arcade games as well.

My William enjoying the toddler area as well. 😀

All in all Everland Play is great bang for your buck due to the unlimited play time. We spent a few hours here before we headed out to pick up Daddy from work.

After picking up my husband it was time to pick up my sons cake. After numerous calls to bakeries two days before my sons birthday I tried to find someone that could do the design and theme I wanted for his cake. Unfortunatley I found that the bakeries in Dahlonega & Gainesville Georgia were either closed during mid week (what type of successful bakery closes during the week?!!), booked up or couldn't do my design and theme as they had never heard of PJ Masks!! As a Pastry Chef it was hard for me to delegate my sons cake to someone else as I've ALWAYS made my kids cakes but when one is camping and does not have the necessary tools to make one you find someone who can. Since all the bakeries I found were a no go I finally called Walmart and ordered a cake from them. Only problem was I couldn't remember which Walmart I had ordered his cake from when it came time to pick it up!🙍🙈 Three Walmarts later we found our cake.

Wyatt loved it as did we all! It actually tasted delicious!
Wyatt was over the moon for his cake as were his siblings! Walmart actually does a variety of flavors and fillings which was quite surprising and quite welcomed! I'm so grateful that although Walmart's cake decorator hadn't heard of PJ Masks she did look them up and came up with this cake for my son and was able to do it last minute.

Brothers working together to blow out 1 #4 candle. 😃
Wyatt my now 4 year old boy! Bubbles make for a great camping activity!
All in all Wyatt had an amazing birthday from birthday shopping, to going to Everland Play, to being surprised by coming home to PJ Masks decorations, cake and presents awaiting him at our campsite. Not to bad for a quickly put together birthday celebration on the road. He still talks about his PJ Masks birthday which feels me with love knowing he felt extra special and loved on his day.

So when one has not a lot of time to spare and a birthday celebration is needed you improvise! I'm so thankful and blessed by this boy I get to call my son and so thankful to be able to celebrate another year of his life. My Wyatt, daredevil & stuntboy!

Would love to hear about any last minute birthday celebrations you threw together and how it went!

Until next time dear friends...