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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

It was early as the sun had yet to come up this morning and already I was wide awake. I feel all toasty warm next to my still sleeping husband, under the three blankets piled on top of us plus the electric blanket and the little heater still rotating around on the floor giving off what little heat it could. The readout on the heater read a whopping 54 degrees and as my toes peeked out from under the covers to confirm this they just as quickly slid back under. Brrrr! I felt bad for Sky (our Red-nosed Pitbull dog) all huddled up in her polyester bed of blue and brown hues right next to the rotating heater. Of course she has it better then our other four dogs who were probably huddled up together with the sheep outside trying to stay warm. With the thought of sheep in my mind I glance out our bedroom window which gave off a beautiful view of land and trees covered in a blanket of snow! I couldn't believe it, it was snowing and actually sticking to everything it touched!! We had snow on Christmas!!! Excitment, happiness and peace ran through me, all because of the amazing wonderland before me and the soft breathing of my sleeping and ever so warm husband next to me. My mind began to race wondering what I could do and give to my husband this Christmas day to surprise him and bring a smile to his face. We had no money for a tree or gifts this year which was fine as you didn't need trees or gifts to celebrate the true reason for Christmas (JESUS), but I still wanted to give him something. I finally decided to make him breakfast in bed and with that decided I quietly slipped out of bed, into my blue and very holey winnie-the -pooh slippers and my luxurious pink fur bathrobe that I was lucky enough to get on clearance from Bath and Body Works five or so years ago. With Sky in tow we went outside so she could take care of her business; and as I stood on the front porch steps with my right arm outstretched over the steps holding the leash so Sky could have a bit of lead to go a ways out into the snow I was humbled and amazed at the beauty that surrounded me this Christmas morning. The baby rams (although they are almost grown now but I still consider them babies) were already playing King of the Hill (where they jockey for the top of the hay pile) not seeming to notice or care about the white wet stuff that covers the land they munch and sleep on. Bear and Sheba (Great Pyreneese/Antolian Mix puppies) our newest addition to the farm were already running through the snow in the pasture chasing each other, seeming to be having a grand ol' time. This would be the first time they've seen snow, the wonder and amazement of it...do they feel this? With snowflakes falling all around and on me, I stood there on the front porch feeling so at peace, thanking the Lord for His gift of salvation and for sending snow this Christmas morning. The last time it snowed on Christmas in Tennessee was back in 1969 (I was just a twinkling in my Mom and Dad's eye's then ...as my Grandma would say). Looking around I glanced upon a snow covered board leaning up against the picnic table and thought...hmmm...what a perfect place to write a good morning message to my husband. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic.:) In my holey winnie-the-pooh slippers and pink bathrobe with Sky in tow I traipse through the snow over a ditch (which looks like a small creek now running through our front yard with a embankment of snow on each side) that my husband dug to bury some pipe for a heater that will hopefully be installed soon and over to the picnic table to stand in front of the snow covered board. I take my index finger and start writing, "Merry Christmas My Love" and drew hearts to surround the message. I stand back and look at it and think "Won't he be surprised" and as I turn to take Sky and myself back into the house I see Robert (my husband) at our bedroom window with a big smile on his face and "Is he actually laughing at me?" Yes, he was laughing at me...sheesh! Here I am trying to be romantic and he's laughing. What's up with that? Traipsing back through the snow with Sky and back into the house I release Sky from the leash and head back into the bedroom telling Robert, "You weren't supposed to see that yet." He smiled at me and said "I couldn't help laughing at the sight of you standing in the snow in your slippers and bathrobe bent over the board writing me that message, you were so cute!" Awww....I love my Husband!! We headed out into the living room and snuggled together on our light brown sofa and read the Bible together (Luke ...Christmas story). Afterwards he helped me make breakfast (Cinnamon/ Vanilla French Toast with the Star of David cut out in it and an over easy egg in the middle of that cut out...DELISH!) with the raido on playing Christmas tunes. We spent a wonderful morning together just being with each other, watching Christmas movies, snuggling together with some hot cocoa, and cooking Christmas Dinner together (Herb Marinade injected into turkey with Oranges, Rosemary, Onions and lemon in the inside cavity, homemade italian herb wheat dressing, creamy mashed potatoes, apple raisin spice pie and a pecan pie). Robert's parents were over for dinner and his Mom made this delicious Sweet Potatoe Casserole without the sweet potatoes (it was made with pumpkin pie filling instead of sweet potatoes) and a green bean casserole that ummm, well, ummm...we'll say it just confirmed why I don't like green bean casserole.=P It was a wonderful evening spent with family. This Christmas ranks within the top five best Christmas's ever!! All due to the love of family and the quality time spent together. It just goes to show you that you don't need trees or gifts to celebrate, all you need is love and family!

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