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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scary Situation

With Halloween fast approaching many people are getting ready for it, siking themselves out with scary movie Athlons, visiting haunted houses and corn mazes just to see if they can be scared and or to be scared out of their gourds. Why do people do this? Why do they put themselves in scary situations? Is it the adrenaline rush they get from being in these scary situations? Do they watch these scary movies to see if they can be frightened by what's happening? If people were truly put into those type of situations where the ax murderer, chain saw toting hillbilly, twisted sociopaths were real and they were the main target it would be a totally different situation. No ONE EVER wants to to through what's happening up on screen but they get a thrill from seeing it and from the fake experience comes the adrenaline rush of a scary but good time. I admit I've been there, I've run through the haunted houses and corn mazes. I've stayed up watching scary movie Athlons for Halloween (albeit since being pregnant and having nothing but nightmares my whole pregnancy I can no longer watch scary movies. As as side note I've never been one for SAW or anything along those lines, more for the classics like Halloween and Poltergeist, as if there any better.=P ). I admit I like a scare every now and then or I used to.

Last night I received the scare of my life and it wasn't caused by running through a haunted house or from watching a scary movie. I wasn't even looking to be scared but for the second time in my life I was faced with my own mortality.  Robert was sitting beside me on the couch taking care of William who was extremely fussy so I could eat and and it just so happened that I got a piece of chicken stuck in my throat. Okay, no problem as it's happened on occasion and I'm able to get the food down with water. When the food gets stuck in my throat I feel the excruciating pain in between my shoulder blades and after a few gulps of water the food gets pushed down and I go on eating albeit a little more carefully. I begin drinking water and quickly stood up as I couldn't get the water down. William was screaming so Robert was concentrated on him trying to get him settled down and I was thinking it was okay I can handle this. I walk to the kitchen and try and drink some more water and it felt like I was drowning in it, it was just burble lurping in my throat and I kept trying to swallow no matter how painful it was. It wasn't working, the chicken wasn't going down and I'm drowning in the water I drank! I threw up all over the kitchen floor which got Roberts attention and all of a sudden William was quiet. All I could think was that the chicken was still in there and all that came up was the water! I could still breath, I could still talk so why couldn't I swallow anything? Why can't I get the water down? Why won't the STUPID chicken go down or come back up? I'm silently freaking out going through options in my head when Robert asked if I was okay and I finally explained my situation and he quickly set the now quiet William down and came to help me. He had me hold my hands above my head and he rubbed my back. I rubbed my throat. I asked if I should put my finger down my throat and make myself throw up and he said no as I might choke on my own vomit making a bad situation even worse. I'm trying not to cry to think rationally but all I can think of is this may be it. Robert got into position to start giving me the Heimlich maneuver when PRAISE THE LORD I felt the chicken slide down!!! The pain between my shoulder blades went away and I could swallow again! I couldn't help but cry in relief as I relaxed into my husbands arms. Thank you Lord is all I kept saying for one more day with my family! Needless to say I now have to go in and get an X-ray on my neck to make sure all is okay. I've had this problem of food getting stuck on occasion but it's always gone down after I swallowed water so I never really thought about it being a big deal. Now I do! I'm thinking my fall head first from the bucket of a tractor 6 feet up a few years ago could have caused this as I landed pretty hard and PRAISE be to the LORD I didn't break my  neck that day. Perhaps somehow my neck or throat got twisted a bit. I don't really know but what I do know is that I'm going to have my neck looked into and in the meantime I'm not eating unless Robert is around to save me!

Life is scary enough who needs scary movies and such. Sheesh, NOT ME, I'm good for a lifetime!

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