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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Trials & Tribulations

"Wherefore I desire that ye faint not at my tribulations for you, which is your glory." - Ephesians 3:13

The excitement was palpable in the car, Robert looked more relaxed, the kids straining against the carseat straps when they heard Daddy mention the park and me silently thanking the Lord for the job he would provide for my husband.  Do you thank the Lord for supplying your needs even though he hasn't done so just quite yet? Do you thank him for whatever HIS answer may be before HE gives it? If we love HIM then we trust HIM and if we trust in HIM then we know HE WILL supply all of our needs. So by thanking HIM for supplying those needs as HE sees fit shows HIM we are trusting in HIM, we are not worrying (or doing are best not to anyway, I mean seriously we're human and prone to worrying so trying not to worry takes a lot of practice of which I'm still practicing on 😜) that HE won't answer as HE WILL when the time is right, when those circumstances are right for HIM to shine through then HE will then supply your needs and bring you through. In the meantime you should continue to seek HIM, continue to pray, pray that HIS needs are your needs and that HE supply as HE sees fit and wait upon HIM to answer.

All we could do now is just wait, wait to make that 7am phone call to see if he had a job and in the meantime it was park time! Massachusetts has these amazing fenced off parks, I've never seen a park fenced in before. To a Parent/s with kids prone to running off that's a dream come true! Anyone else know of places or States that have fenced off parks for kids? Any recommendations for parks? They should have a Kid/Parent friendly Park App in which would advise Parents of fenced in parks, cleanliness, facilities, ect... I could definitely use an app like that. What about you?

This was the kids first time since leaving Tennessee to really get out and play.
 They played for about an hour and a half as it just got to cold to stay any longer. Brrrr! Naomi and I headed back to the car long before they did as we wanted warmth more than we wanted fresh air at that time. 😏 October in Massachusetts is definitely not like October in Tennessee! It was much warmer back home, fall was just setting in. Leaves had just started changing color back home whereas here the leaves had almost completed their cycle of falling from the trees and you could feel the cold of winter seeping in. ⛄ I could see now why they closed the campsites down as seriously who would want to pitch a tent in this cold!!! 😰

We drove around that day just seeing the different parks and letting the kids get out and run as much as possible.

While in Massachusetts we found the drivers to be quite aggressive, they don't care if you've only left them an inch of space they swing right in! If there's a smidgen of space they'll see it and move right in so you'd better be watching, eyes on the road at all times so you have time to break! It really is some of the most aggressive driving that Robert and I have ever seen! Scary but at the same time amazing to see. You also will never drive more than a two miles or so down the same road without having to make a turn. Without out my Google Maps we would have been forever lost down the different streets of Springfield, Massachusetts! Our Garmin died on the drive up to Massachusetts so we were so thankful for Google Maps on my phone otherwise, we would have had to fork over $100 to get a new one which was money we did not have. It was also interesting to note that they had a Dunkin Donuts every other block and I'm not talking a hole in the wall Dunkin Donuts either! These were your nice ones with lines of cars through the drive-thru. The people in Massachusetts must really love Dunkin Donuts. Not one Starbucks did we see. I'm thinking Dunkin Donuts has the monopoly in Massachusetts.
We decided to do our laundry to pass the time plus it was sorta piling up in the trunk of the car so it really needed to be done. The amount of clothes kids go through just amazes me! We found a laundromat however, it wasn't the kind you just put quarters in to wash and dry your clothes. Turns out all the laundromats in Massachusetts use a card to pay to wash and dry clothes. You pay money for this card, then put money on it for the amount you need to wash and dry your clothes and then proceed to use.  This was an interesting experience for us. The lady in charge at the laundromat was extremely helpful and so nice, she allowed us to use her card and we just gave her the money needed for washing and drying our clothes so we saved a bit from not having to buy one.  We actually ran into quite few people who were extremely nice. We were under the impression that due to their aggressive driving the residents would be rather abrupt and rude. It really was a nice surprise to find that was not the case.
Later that day we did some grocery shopping with the kids which is always an experience (not altogether a pleasant one since our boys like to run up and down the aisles and try and hide in the shelves 😦) and after loading most of the groceries and kids into the car (which was like 4 bags consisting of fruit, sandwich stuff and a few snacks ) Robert started putting together sandwiches for everyone on the trunk of the car. Yes, we were all cozy in the car and Robert was outside making our sandwiches and most likely freezing his butt off. He was taking one for the team as he puts it. 😜 By golly I sure love him and all that he does for us!! Anywhoo, as he was making our sandwiches some lady came up to him and handed him $20 and then walked off. He was dumbfounded and had no idea why she did what she did and neither did I when he told me about it. Not sure if it was his whole sandwich making thing on the trunk of the car or if we just looked poor or in need of a hand. Hmm....I don't think we looked poor although we were poor but not on the outside as in looks wise. We didn't dwell on it for long though as we just thanked the Lord as it being a gift from HIM and for sending her. At this point we had around $320, perhaps a bit less.

That evening we found out they were calling for possible snow so even if we could find a place to camp it would be to cold to. Staying in a motel would eat up the rest of our cash quickly and if he did get the job tomorrow it would still be two weeks before he got paid! We seriously had no idea what we were going to do so we just prayed and decided to sleep in the Walmart parking lot that evening in our car. It wasn't the ideal situation but it was the best we had and as long as the car was running we had heat and each other. William was breaking our hearts as he kept telling us, "Mom, Dad I just want to go home! Let's go home!" Man, I just wanted to cry every time he said it and I'm sure it made Robert's stress level rise. We promised him a fun adventure and its been anything but for them. It was a long night as no one slept well, boys kept waking up asking to go home, Naomi slept better in my arms then her carseat when the car wasn't in motion so although she slept I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. Robert snoozed off and on. It was a long night for us all so we were glad when morning arrived (5am)! We took turns running into WalMart to use their bathrooms and then allowed the kids to play in the empty parking lot to run off some energy, ate breakfast which consisted of muffins and fruit and then jumped for joy when 7am rolled around!

Robert called the job line at 7am and no jobs! They had NO JOBS yet!!! My stress level skyrocketed and I'm sure Robert's was way worse then mine as his eye started twitching. He decided to go down to the local and talk with them to see what's up. After going down there and speaking with them they advised him jobs would be available any day and to keep calling in and checking the job line.

What now? How long could we hold out? Do we just head home and wait there and pray we have enough money to get Robert back to Massachusetts? At times like this it's SOOOO HARD not to worry, not to freak out!! It's times like these where we need to dig deep, pray and trust in HIM to show us the way. It's not easy to do as we like to be in control, we think worrying about something enough will help us solve it;but it won't. Worrying creates stress and stress creates unhappiness. We then begin to get snappy at each other and overthink things and what we should be doing is worrying less, leaving it ALL to GOD and trusting in HIM to bring us through.

My phone rang and that phone call was a changer for us. It wasn't a phone call offering my husband a job but rather....

To be Continued....

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