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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kid Must Haves For The Road

As I sit here upon my bed in our camper listening to the fall of the rain I realize that today marks our first month of being on the road as a Trampin' family. For those that are unaware of the term "Trampin" is what electricians call what they do when they travel from job to job, from state to state, and from city to city for work. Normally electricians that do this are either single or divorced and it's rarely heard of that an electrician brings his family along with him as he tramps. We tried it where he tramped alone and the kids and I stayed home to run the farm for awhile and came to the realization that we are better together, we are stronger together and can accomplish more together than by being apart. Our first month on the road has shown us how true this is. We have learned a lot this first month, being on the road, working out of state and settling in to a camping state of mind.

Living life on the road in a camper/RV comes with challenges especially when kids are involved. Today I wanted to share with you a few things that have been such a great fit and so helpful to have while on the road.


First off it's not easy traveling with kids, especially when they're in the car or truck for umpteen hours at a time. Their minds need to be engaged, they need to be kept entertained and busy otherwise they most certainly will drive you NUTS!

I found these amazing wet bags for my kids in which I fill them with things I find at the Dollar Store or from Target's goody aisle. We've used them 3x times so far, on the way to Arkansas, on the way to Georgia and on the way to Florida and each time they worked like a dream! I highly recommend them! They are my go to for when we're traveling in the car or truck.

Two Boy Dinosaur Wet Bags & 1 Girl Pink Anchor Wet Bag
My boys are always spilling their drinks in the car, mostly it lands on them or in their carseat but sometimes their drinks land on the floor. The reason for the spills is because they play with their drinks so while traveling we mostly just drink water, on occasion Juice. Our last trip my son spilled his Fruit Punch (We met up with my Mom for lunch and although I threw one sons away before leaving the restaurant, Daddy brought the other son's out to the car with him) all over his and his brother's wet bags! I had no idea that he had spilled it on his wet bags until we had gotten home. After finding them and opening them up all the stuff inside was dry!!! I was so amazed!! They even wash well and the fruit punch stains came out! Mom win!! WOOP WOOP!!

All the goodies for my kids bags.
 When putting together the bags for each of my kids I made sure no noisy toys came along. I added soft cover books (their Grandma Mary made for them) that are easily washable if they get dirty and each one of them were educational. I added some plastic animals I picked up at the Dollar Store, counting cards for my 3 year old and completing the word cards for my 5 year old. I also added in card games and these amazing card holders which hold their cards which worked great for the car ride. We played Old Maid & War to many times to count!

All the goodies inside the bags!

So much room left!

Still lots of room left to add more stuff to!

 Due to all the space I still had left in their bags I made another trip to the Dollar Store & Target. You can also add snacks to these bags which would be great for older kids.

Now the key to these bags is to have them pull out one item at a time and when they get bored with it they have to put it back in the bag and then they can pull out another item. My kids were not allowed just to delve into them and pull everything out as I needed to make sure what was in them lasted them until the end of our trip.This worked extremely well for us!

I definitely suggest checking out https://www.etsy.com/shop/hermierosehandmade for some amazing wet bags, especially if you're getting ready to hit the road with kids!


*** I was financially compensated for this review of Jelt Belt. The opinions are completely my own based on mine and my sons experience with the product.***

Living in a camper is nothing like living in a house where you have all kinds of room and storage. A camper has VERY limited storage so one needs to choose wisely on what to bring and on what to leave behind.  We made sure our kids had a say so in bringing some of their items from home as we wanted to make sure they felt apart of our adventure and that they knew we were listening to what they wanted also. One of the things my son would not leave home without was his Jelt Belt!


At first I was unsure if we should bring it as the one drawer I alotted for their socks and underwear was already filled to capacity. Secondly he had yet to try the belt out and I was worried about it fitting him as he's so slim I've yet to find one that works for him. My thinking was we'd try it on our next trip home however, William (my son) was adamant about bringing it so we did. I'm really glad we did bring it along as we tried it on once we got to camp and found it fits him perfectly! He truly loves his Jelt Belt as you can see below.

My son wanted to create a video of him using his Jelt Belt (He seriously wears this thing everyday!)

I love the fact that with Jelt Belt the buckle isn't bulky. It's more of a flat lay buckle which doesn't create bulges under my sons shirts.

The Inner Grippy Gel

The inner grippy gel is what makes this belt so amazing and why my son loves it so much. It works on pants with no belt loops which is what my son would prefer to wear so he can put it on himself but most of his pants have the loops so Mommy helps him get the buckle through the loops and then he buckles it himself.


What I was excited to find out was how easily cleanable this belt is. I worried about the inner grippy gel and my son getting it dirty as I was afraid it would lose it effectivness in gripping his pants. At our current campground there is a beach which we play on most days. William happend to be wearing his pants with his belt the day we went down to the beach and boys being boys ended up covering each other in sand. I freaked of course and had William quickly take his pants off as I worried about sand sticking to the gel of the Jelt Belt.  When we got back to camp I took his belt out of the pants and found that the inner gel was covered in sand however, the sand wiped right off! It acutally brushed right off when I swiped my hand over it. It was like the sand was just laying on it but didn't acually stick to the gel. I'm soooo all about this Jelt Belt now!! What seals the deal for me is that when we need to fly somewhere (hoping and praying for that job in Hawaii) the belt is made out of  recylcled water bottles so no metal, meaning he won't have to take it off at the airport when going through the metal detectors!  This Mama defintely recommends Jelt Belt for those kids ages 5-10 especially when traveling/flying!

What's even more  AMAZING is that Jeltbelt.com is giving you my dear friends 25% off  a Jelt Belt with code ihelpmoms!!! So act quick because it's only for a limited time!


My daughter has been trying to pee like her two older brothers since she's been 18 months old. She'd remove her diaper and stand at the toilet like she was going to pee so I'd grab her and place her on it but then she'd want nothing to do with it. We talked about getting her her own potty but with us hitting the road it wasn't a good time to try and start potty training plus I didn't see us really have room for one in the camper.

Well a week into camping and she was trying to sit on the toilet to go potty so after much research and reading reviews I decided on a BabyBjorn Potty Seat. It said it fit most toilets so I was hoping it would fit a camper/RV toilet. When it arrived we gave it a test run and sure enough it fit our toilet perfectly and our daughter loves it as she uses it at least 20x a day! At 21 months old potty training is underway as you can see below.

This potty seat is so easy to put on and take off that my daughter does it herself at 21 months old. It's easily accessible to her and stores amazingly well.

She gets on and off by herself as well.

My big girl!

Excuse the floors they're still a work in progress.
My daughter has been wiping her own butt since she's been 18 months old. She actually gets mad if you don't let her wipe herself. She's quite independant and prefers to do things herself. She reminds me of her older brother William quite a lot. Mommy of course will finish wiping after her.😏

She prefers to hand me her soiled toilet paper instead of putting it in the toilet. 💩😕We're working on this!
BabyBjorn is definitly a must for those who are not just potty training on the road but home as well! This potty seat gets a 5 star rating from me as it's that awesome! It fits our campers Thetford toilet for those that have one in their camper/RV. If you find yourself in the market for one I found mine at Kohls https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1205118/babybj-rn-toilet-trainer.jsp 
Yes, I'm a Kohls shopper as well. I even have the Kohls app on my phone because I shop Kohls a lot. 😀

Well there it is my dear friends, my top favs so far! If you've read this far then I could just hug you right now as it shows you care what I've written and found it interesting enough to read through it all!! For doing so I'm rewarding you with a GIVEAWAY!!!

How would you like to win a wet bag filled with goodies for a boy or a girl from https://www.etsy.com/shop/hermierosehandmade and a Jelt belt for your son,daughter or even yourself from https://jeltbelt.com/  ?!


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Giveaway runs from April 26, 2018 through May 3, 2018. Winner will be announced within 48 hours of give-away closing.

A winner will be chosen randomly.

Good luck to you all and until next time I remain...



  1. You are brave to live on the road with littles!!!! Love the wet bag idea! Such a great idea to keep your kids entertained! And LOVE the belt. I need one that doesn’t show under my shirts!

    1. I was nervous at first and unsure on how it would go living on the road with littles but have since found that I love it!!! Yes, the wetbags help tremendously while on the road with kids!! My son loves his Jelt Belt so much so I'm thinking of trying the adult one. You my friend can tell me how you like the adult belt as you have WON my Giveaway!!!!! Congratulations Haley!!! Please stay tuned for an email from me.

  2. Such a great way to allow little ones to have fun, and engage the mind!

    1. Yes, it truly is and on the plus side it's less stress on the parents! Win,win in my book!!

  3. I absolutely love all the uses for werbags. I’m obsessed with the ones Lighthouse Kids just released!

    1. There are so many wonderful uses for wetbags! What are some things you use your wetbags for? I'll look into Lighthouse Kids, thank you!

  4. I love your blog!! I like taking Levi little magnetic boards to play with. He has one that looks like a Christmas tree that the little magnets look like ornaments. That always works well. - Erin Holloway

    1. Thank you so much Erin, that means a lot! The magnetic boards sound amazing. Thank you for sharing. I'll definitely have to locate one and try it with my daughter.


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